Why Give it Away?

If you give it away then just How do you make Money?

Right now you are probably thinking...
"I don't understand the logic behind Giving it Away."

A few years back the Wall Street Journal surveyed 1,000's of businesses owners throughout the country to discover the best way to introduce a product or service to the market. The Overwhelming answer was, "Give it to me for free."

We are dealing with a new technology and getting businesses onboard isn't the problem, they will be receptive to the concept. The challenge becomes keeping them. As most companies in this space have discovered, it takes some time for this to catch on in a new market and after a month or two of poor results the business owner stops paying because the R.O.I. just isn't there. And quite frankly, why would they keep paying when the results aren't there?

We had to ask ourselves exactly What business are we Really In?

Marketing Myopia

We are NOT in the business of Selling Proximity Marketing.

We are in the business of Customer Acquisition and Retention.

"If you can't explain it to a Six Year Old, you Don't Understand it Yourself."  Albert Einstein

When you GIVE it to them, several things begin to happen, the biggest being Viral Growth.

When they start seeing results they tell others.


Our Customer Becomes an Advocate

As you saw above, they Promote to their customer base and our growth is not only 10x what it would be if we just sold it, but our customer base becomes more stable.


They Stay

Down the road when we do start charging for subscriptions they will stay because it's WORKING and who would give that up?


They Remember

We have their back during this difficult time and they Will Remember. We aren't like all the other guys who offer to help for a fee. We are looking for partners and in exchange for our great products and services, they help us promote and introduce to the area.


What Else do you Have?

This is the question they being to ask relatively soon. We are giving them a Free Listing in BuyLocal™ and they will soon want other products. A good example is a Realtor. We give them one Qnow™ link and they may use that for a listing. But ask yourself, if you are dealing with a professional, what Realtor will have only One Listing? They will showcase their open house, different listings, etc.