End users

They need a Strong Reason to download another app. 

There are Too Many apps already out there to even count.

Statistics show that only 1 in every 10,000 apps that have been developed have ever been profitable.

"It might not be a wise decision for any business to spend a lot of time, energy and money developing an app."

Below are just a Few Ways we accomplish App Downloads.

Previous Entries into this market have Failed.

They simply didn't understand what would motivate an end user to download.
Just saying, "Here it is, it's cool," doesn't cut it.
But if the End User sees Value, they WILL Download.


ONE App for ALL


Once they realize they can use the app in their favorite business, get their loyalty programs consolidated in one place, engage a business or multiple businesses, get special V.I.P. treatment, stay in the loop with their church or school, get their H.O.A. announcements, etc., they realize this is the One App they must have.


Updates and Announcements


We GIVE local non-profits like Schools, Churches, H.O.A.'s, Golf Courses, etc. their own systems so they can keep their members in the loop and use the GeoFencing feature to make targeted announcements.
This is a Huge way to get app downloads.


Find Deals

One of the Biggest

As folks realize the App will find deals and steals from businesses that are close to them right now, they begin to use it more.
They LOVE the fact that they aren't bombarded with ads all the time like with other systems, even when they are out of the area or not initerested.
They have user control features that are Light Years ahead of the competition and when they start using the app, they usually end up sharing with their friends.

Free Trial.

You decide if you want to give a 30-day or 60-day free trial. Just let us know. The idea behind the free trial is NOBODY will pay up front, they get to kick the tires, but the deal is they must Promote it to their client base.

When you launch in a new area it takes a little time to build up both App Users and Business users so the 60-day is usually a good idea at first. Each business promotes to their customer base and as more and more businesses join, the number of app downloads begins to increase exponentially.
Even their competitors are adding to the number of app users in the overall base.

When was the last time you saw a deal where even your competitors were helping to promote your business? 
Everyone is helping everyone else.

(A presentation on how this works is nearly done.)


User Control

An exclusive feature.

Users select their categories and preferences. They choose which types of deals and V.I.P. Treatment they want. They can even categorize the businesses and have a special link for Current Deals and Promotions.

Unlike other systems out there, they aren't bombarded with a constant blast of ads. If they are, guess what...they always uninstall.

The app runs in the background and so it doesn't drain the battery life.

The Do-Not-Disturb feature lets them take a break if they want.

Additional Tools you can use...


Real Estate Agents


Golf Pro's and Courses


Chambers of Commerce


How-To for Getting Started


Exclusive, Fun and Ongoing


Special Updates site for your Clients


Customized Presentations




Online Web Conferencing


Push Button Marketing


Video Marketing System



Finally, Why not Incentivize End Users to spread the word?

This is an optional system you can implement right into your marketing efforts where you Incentivize app users to spread the word.

Once they realize they can make a little extra money on top of their savings with the app, more magic starts to happen.


A Bright Future

As more and more businesses realize that GeoTargeting is the wave of the future, something the customer prefers because they can control what they see based upon their needs, interests and most importantly, Location, the word spreads about our app.
It's another way Viral Growth begins.

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