What if you could help your Local Business Owners

Heard about GeoFencing?
What about Smart Beacons?

Our Exclusive and Proprietary systems will take any business to the next level.

Are you ready to be on the Cutting Edge of Technology?
We are looking for folks in Key Markets...

The Rules have Changed.

The smart phone revolution is History in the Making. As more business owners find out about GeoTargeting, more and more of them will join us. You can either jump on the bandwagon or let your area be claimed by someone else because it's not a matter of "If," it's a matter of "When.".

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Google Nearby Notifications Discontinued

See the Google Announcement

Since this happened companies have been scrambling in an attempt to find a viable alternative that works on all devices.

appSAVE® is now the Premier Product on the market and we invite you to simply see for yourself.


Success Keys for the Business

  • First, they must FIND YOU.
  • Then, it must be easy to ENGAGE YOU.
  • It must be on Their Device of Choice.
  • WHEN and WHERE they want.
Business owners are already spending a lot on ineffective advertising. It's the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over yet somehow expecting a different result.

Why? There has not been a good alternative,
Till NOW.

GeoTargeted ads reach people when they are most likely to do business and engage, when they are Close to the Business.

The Listing will pop-up on prospects phones as they get close but What happens next will determine the Business Owners success.

We have numerous systems to help our resellers and they are available at no charge to help you grow your business.

Join the GeoTargeting World

Check out appSAVE® to see if it meets your requirements.

We are now in English and Spanish. Our system sends the messages to the phone depending upon the default language so your Spanish speaking customers see them in Spanish.

In addition, we have solved the barriers to entry, the biggest being PRICE.

We've Solved the Issues

Like any industry, GeoTargeting went through growing pains.


Maxing Out of GeoFences?

Been in this industry?

Had issues with the number of GeoFences being able to run at the same time in a given area?


All Businesses, All Devices.

Range and Reception.

Reception and page load speed have always been an issue on Mobile.


App Downloads

Which Comes First?

Businesses want to see lots of App Users.
App users want to see lots of Businesses and lots of deals.
So which comes first?



A summary of our different sites.

We give you a replicated site with links to your contact information.



What if you could walk into a business and ask, "Do you want More Business Now?"
"If you do, you will check this out and if you don't, no problem, we'll leave you alone."
Leave the flyer and call them at a later date.

It's time for your clients to embrace the Latest Technology.

It's time for you to become The One Stop Shop for ALL their Digital Marketing Needs.

It's time for Success in this industry.

And the Competition?
Not Even Close

There are other players in this space but Nobody even comes close to what we offer.
This link will show you just a Few of their issues.
The biggest problem they all have is their platform was not designed from the ground up.
Ours is and We Own the Code.


Selling on Auto-Pilot

Pretty much every company in this space has failed.
There are two reasons...
FIRST, they had to SELL it up front. It's extremely difficult to convince a business owner to lay out cash for something they don't understand. You simply won't be able to explain all the benefits or reasons they need to be involved in one setting.

SECOND: Price. Go ahead, check out those ads you see on GeoFencing. You will be in for a shock. 

We have a Better Way.

What if you just walked into a business and Showed them the APP and asked, "Why aren't you there, your customers are already looking?"


More of our
Success System...

We are constantly adding ways to get more End Users involved.
Here are just a few and more are being added...


Window Sticker

Businesses Promote Their App with a table topper or window sticker. The link is in the Google AMP format for near instant page load, even in poor connection areas. For instance, someone outside a mall may not have the greatest internet connection but with Google AMP that doesn't matter. 
See more about AMP on the link.


AppSAVE Club

Business customers "Join the Club" by just sending an email to a specific accress and they are automatically in.
The site is up and the email announcement system is being developed. They will first get a welcome message series then the announcements begin.
Tips, tricks, advice, we let them know we are in their corner and partner with them.


The How-To Site

By now you realize that this is a little more complicated that you first expected. The last thing you want is to spend hours trying to explain how this or that is done.
appSAVE.biz does this for you.
Your client asks, "How to I start?" Send them there.
"How do I add a GeoFence?" Same thing?
Folks, it's all there.


GeoTargeting on Sterroids
  • Free App for Consumers
  • Free Tools for Resellers
  • Different Reseller Packages.
    Flat Fee or a %, you decide.
  • You do your own billing.
  • A HUGE issue has always been the "Chicken or the Egg Scenario."
    Businesses want to see lots Users and App users want to see lots of Businesses and deals. 
    So which comes first?

One of Several Designs, a Front and Back

Our camera ready literature is customized to you.
Just download and print. It's a standard 1 1/2 x 11 page so you print the front an back, cut and fold.


The Inside

The "MoreBusinessNow" ends up being the front and GooPlus the back. When unfolded open, this image shows.
We'll make you a master with your information.


What makes our system Better?

It Works!

If you have looked at this industry before it was probably via. a hyped up webinar where they wanted a large up front fee. In that type of arrangement there is little incentive for the supplier to offer you much help because they get the bulk of their money up front. They are constantly in advertisement mode looking for new suckers because they know you will fail, your replacement is already being recruited.

With our arrangement, your success drives our success which makes for a Win/Win Partnership. Think about something. You get your business owner successfully doing GeoTargeting, pretty soon they ask, "What Else do you have?"
You become their One-Stop-Shop for all their Digital Advertising.

As the Founder and C.E.O. I have a Ph.D. in Marketing and have founded and sold several successful businesses, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.
When you partner with appSAVE® you partner with me and all the tools from my BizHelpCenter and Smarter.Marketing divisions.  I don't leave anyone hanging, we work together to make you successful.

Don't want to wait too long!
A Business proposition that is Going Fast.

One Stop Center

Our Suite of Tools is about One Thing...Marketing Smarter.

We show business owners how to Get and Keep More customers, and do it more effectively and inexpensively than Anything in the History of the Planet.

Soon you will be adding more of our products to your Business Customers, and when you get serious we can show you how to get into several other areas that will help your business owners, like the our Smarter.Marketing system. The goal is for you to become the "Go-To Company" for all their Digital Marketing needs. 


Our Ideal Partner

Is this you?

  • Comfortable Calling on Business Owners and cold calling.
  • Experience in the B2B Market isn't required but would be a big assett.
  • Must own a Smart Phone and a Computer with a good internet connection.
    The ability to have an Internet Connected tablet for field work would be a huge plus.
  • Must have Reliable transportation.
  • We don't need you to sell, our SmarterMarketing.app system handles that.
  • A realization of the Power and Need for GeoTargeting in the Business Market.
  • A Strong Desire to Help Business Owners Grow their Business.
  • Friendly and Personal, we don't need any Hard Sale types.
  • Strong interest in developing Long Term relationships with Business owners.
If you can hand out flyers and remain in contact with business owners, we need to talk. Most businesses have no clue as to the power of GeoTargeting so we use our system to SHOW them.

This isn't a get rich quick deal. It will take some time but the income is Residual, month after month and just keeps growing.

Let's decide if it makes sense for both of us.
Contact me and we'll see.