Proximity Marketing

2020's Hottest Marketing Trend

The Smart Phone is history in the making.
You already knew it was changing Marketing forever.
The Coronavirus has dramatically accelerated the timetable.
Are you ready to be on the Cutting Edge of Technology?
We are looking for folks in Key Markets...

The Rules have Changed.

As more business owners find out about GeoTargeting, more and more of them will join us. You can either jump on the bandwagon or let your area be claimed by someone else because it's not a matter of "If," it's a matter of "When.".

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What makes us Different

To begin with, we have MORE Tools and Systems than Anyone.

  • No other company has our full product line, not even close.
  • We offer GeoFences - Beacons - Touchless Marketing - Smarter Wifi - NFC - Ultra Wide Band - Mobile Pay - Events and Conferences - Retargeting - Indoor Maps and Positioning - Customer Loyalty System - Scan-of-The-Day - Digital Signage - AppVOLV - GooMAPS - GooPLUS - GooVR - Full Analytics with every account - And even More.
  • We have solved the issues of GeoFences stepping over each other. Our system works no matter how many folks are connected in a given area, a big issue with most competitors.
  • We charge Resellers NO fees to be involved. No Monthly fees, no subscription fees, no website fees, nothing.
  • One of the biggest reasons for failure in this industry is the lack of a solid marketing system. You'll see fairly quickly how we are different.
  • We have several exclusive products.
  • We've solved the issue of getting app downloads.
  • We've solved to issues of Download Speed. Our system is unique in how the data packets are delivered to the device resulting in unparalleled download speed, particularly when delivering links to information, websites or coupons.
  • Our system is true Do-it-Yourself for the client.
  • We have an extensive How-To site so you can concentrate on getting more clients vs. staying in babysit mode like you may have been used to with other companies and doing everying for clients. If you do that we suggest you charge them a fee.
  • Two of our products, GooMAPS and GooPLUS are Major Hits with Customers.
  • We work with Any Beacon manufacturer, even EddyStone.
  • Our exclusive system lets us set the distance that a Beacon broadcasts from inches up to the range allowed by the individual beacon. This is a huge advantage in retail.
  • Our Analytics system is included, it's not an add-on.
  • Our Customer Loyalty system is truly in a class by itself.
  • Because of our ability to link with the Google AMP or Progressive Web App systems, the user experience with appSAVE® is truly unique.

Join the GeoTargeting World

Check out appSAVE® to see if it meets your requirements.

Our app is in English and Spanish and sends the messages to the phone depending upon the default language settings so your Spanish speaking customers see them in Spanish.
Our sites below can be translated to Any Language with one click. We are one of the few companies with this capability as our system is on the cutting edge of technology. 

Business Customers start out with a FREE GooMAPS listing, and they can stay Free as long as they want.

Here are some of our sites.


Tried this industy before? How did that Turn Out?

Folks, I've been in this industry for seven years with several different companies, (Lyoness, Paid2Save, WowWee, TalkFusion, Savvi, BeaconEdge, BeaconStac, LocalBeacons, Perka and Whats-OUT.) In fact, I held key management positions in two of them but after so many issues I decided it was time to take the best features from them all, without their issues, hire two teams of cracker-jack developers and do it right.

But having a better tool was only the beginning, there also needed to be a Unique Marketing Plan in place so I spent the time and money to develop one that is truly in a league of it's own. 

appSAVE® is now the Premier Product on the market and I'd like to personally invite you to simply see for yourself. You are sharp, if you see value, you'll be contacting me.


Business Success Keys

  • First, their business must be FOUND.
  • It must be easy for customer to ENGAGE  them.
  • It must be on the Customers Device of Choice.
  • WHEN and WHERE the customer wants.
Businesses are already spending a Lot of Money on ineffective advertising. Bottom line, Traditional Advertising no longer works.

GeoTargeted ads reach people when they are most likely to do business and engage, when they are Close to the Business.

The Listing will pop-up on prospects phones as they get close.
But that's just part of it. What happens next will determine the Business Owners success.

Best of all, the monthly cost is less than running a classified ad in their local newspaper for just two days!

What about the Competition?

There are other players in this space but Nobody even comes close to what we offer.

DON'T Be Fooled! You'll hear things like "Our GeoFencing solution is the Best. Your ads will appear as banner Ads on over 600,000 websites and Apps."  {We address this one and others below.}

This link will show you just a Few of the issues.

We have a few different designs

Marketing Material

We help you create your own business cards through VistaPrint or Staples.

We are also developing flyers, leave behind pieces and table toppers.

We also give you your own website, free of charge.

And there's more.

A Link to your Business Clients

With our system the business owner even has the option to do it all on their own.
You don't need to spend hours showing or explaining, we have that covered on the back end with a separate website.
But some will want you to do it all for them and for that, you CHARGE them a fee. How much is up to you and it's not part of any fees you owe us. It's your time and effort, not ours.


This is an example of another way we let customers and prospects find our businesses. It's also an example of how our Translation system works as there are several languages in The Caribbean.

This is a major project being rolled out throughout the Caribbean Islands. We are also doing this currently in 4 states and will eventually be in them all.


Grabs Attention
  • Fold Over Design.
  • Customized to You.
  • You just Print, Cut, Fold and Leave Behind.


Lays it Out
  • It's purposely designed to look Busy.
  • Business Prospects look at this and say "Oh WOW."
  • We work with you on


  • Shows them what their Customers see.
  • We will customize to your needs in your area.

Selling on Auto-Pilot

Pretty much every company in this space has failed.
There are two reasons...
FIRST, they had to SELL it up front. It's extremely difficult to convince a business owner to lay out cash for something they don't understand. You simply won't be able to explain all the benefits or reasons they need to be involved in one setting.

SECOND: Price. Go ahead, check out those ads you see on GeoFencing. You will be in for a shock. 

We have a Better Way.

What if you just walked into a business and Showed them the APP and asked, "Why aren't you there, your customers are already looking?"


More of our
Success System...

We are constantly adding ways to get more End Users involved.
Here are just a few and more are being added...


What makes our system Better?

It Works!

We don't use hyped up webinars to get you interested, nor do we charge up front fees. The companies that do that have little incentive to offer you much help because they get the bulk of their money up front. They are constantly in advertisement mode, looking for new suckers because they know you will fail and your replacement is already being recruited.

With us, your success drives our success which makes for a Win/Win Partnership. Think about something. You get your business owner successfully doing GeoTargeting, pretty soon they ask, "What Else do you have?" Maybe at that point you want to get involved in Smarter.Marketing.
You can become their One-Stop-Shop for all their Digital Advertising.

As the Founder and C.E.O., I have a Ph.D. in Marketing and have founded and sold several successful businesses, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.
When you partner with appSAVE® you partner with me and all the tools from my BizHelpCenter and Smarter.Marketing divisions.  I don't leave anyone hanging, we work together to make you successful.

You Don't want to wait too long!

I'm putting only one person in each strategic area.

One Stop Center

Our Ideal Partner

Is this you?

  • Comfortable Calling on Business Owners and cold calling.
  • Experience in the B2B Market isn't required but would be a big assett.
  • Must own a Smart Phone and a Computer with a good internet connection.
    The ability to have an Internet Connected tablet for field work would be a huge plus.
  • Must have Reliable transportation.
  • We don't need you to sell, our system handles that.
  • A realization of the Power and Need for GeoTargeting in the Business Market.
  • A Strong Desire to Help Business Owners Grow their Business.
  • Friendly and Personal, we don't need any Hard Sale types.
  • Strong interest in developing Long Term relationships with Business owners.
If you can hand out flyers and remain in contact with business owners, we need to talk. Most businesses have no clue as to the power of GeoTargeting so we use our system to SHOW them.

This isn't a get rich quick deal. It will take some time but the income is Residual, month after month and just keeps growing.

Let's decide if it makes sense for both of us.
Contact me and we'll see.

The Last question you may have is about the Money.

We don't ask for money up front like the other guys who know you will fail so they need it up front. Perhaps you have even tried that before and if so, you know exactly what we mean.

Most companies in this space hit folks up with a fancy webinar designed to take your money and there are suckers out there every day. But it doesn't take very long before they realize the system they had such high hopes for is broken, it was a waste of money.

It's time for Success in this industry.

If you have come this far and are interested in knowing more, let's talk and I'll send you a link to "Show Me The Money."

Our Suite of Tools is about One Thing...Marketing Smarter.

We show business owners how to Get and Keep More customers, and do it more effectively and inexpensively than Anything in the History of the Planet.

You will be helping your clients add more SPOTS for more ways to engage their customers and at some point you will become serious about becoming their One Stop Shop for all their marketing needs.
We will then introduce you to our appTUR system where you can become their "Go-To Company" for all their Digital Marketing needs. 

GeoPromote, GeoFence, Target Marketing, Proximity Marketing, there are many names but only ONE Solution, appSAVE. Time for you to get our Free App Business where you can help local business owners join the Digital Marketing Age with GeoTargeted Proximity Marketing.