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Billions of Dollars are at stake.

A LOT of folks will make a Lot of money,
Will You?


Launching in the USA this Fall and shortly after, Worldwide.

A quick little 4-Minute Sizzle Call recently recorded. 

There aren't many times in your life you get this kind of opportunity. When we throw the switch in September, will you be reaping the rewards or kicking yourself that you missed another one?

When was the Last time you had This?

Our Main business is Helping Business.Our Main business is Helping Business.

OK, so you may ask why is an organization that helps businesses grow their bottom line involved in this App? Let's put it into perspective.

You have probably heard of the Pokemon Go app that recently launched.

The Developers of our App (and they have quite a track record) are saying our app will be even bigger.

Do you realize Pokemon Go nets $2 Million EVERY DAY?
How would you like a piece of That Action?  Now you can. 

We also have weekly Conference Calls that give a brief introduction to this incredible opportunity.

Twice a Day on every Tuesday and Thursday. 

First call at 1:00 PM Mountain Time.

Second call at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

Call-in number:

641-715-0700  pin 616895#